Graphic Project Using Canva

For my visual/graphic that I created, I used Canva. After reading the article presented in our homework, I wasn’t quite sure which tool I wanted to use. Both Piktochart and Canva seemed like amazing resources for what I wanted to accomplish. So I decided to check out Piktochart first. I went ahead and created an account and started browsing around the different options it offered. I soon realized that a lot of the things offered cost so I decided to check out Canvas. Canva has so many different FREE options! It was fun to look at all of the different backgrounds and layouts that were offered. As I was looking through the layouts, I was surprised to see all of the free options that were available. There were also so many things to choose from! You can create a poster, presentation, Facebook cover, blog post graphic, etc. The possibilities are endless.

After spending some time looking at the different options I decided to go with a layout under the category “Presentation.” There were so many cool and eye catching options and it was hard to choose just one. It was kind of confusing at first learning how to organize and set up the poster. There are so many different things you can change on your graphic; background, color, text, layout, images. With more practice I’m sure I will get the hang of it but it was just a little confusing at first.

This is my finished product!

perspective (1)

I had fun playing around with the colors and even found an option to edit and add a filter to my picture. I wanted my graphic to include information about yoga but I didn’t want it to clutter the poster. I wanted my poster to motivate people to try yoga and experience the benefits!

I think Piktochart and Canva would be great tools to use in the classroom. I think it would be a great way to display classroom rules. There are so many cool and creative things you can do with a poster and it would be a great way to get student’s attention.You could also assign a project for older students to create their own piktochart or canva.

I loved this assignment and loved using Canva and think it is great for any kind of project!


4 thoughts on “Graphic Project Using Canva

  1. Tessa, I love your creation. It’s interesting and draws you in without being too much or too wordy. I’m glad you have enjoyed learning yoga. You have inspired me to want to learn yoga. I could use relaxation and peace in my busy life. I loved using Canva as well. It was fun and easy to use!
    Thanks for sharing this and everything else throughout this class! I have enjoyed your blog! (:


  2. I also found Canva to be great choice, free is always good! I really like your visual. The simplicity of it really speaks to what yoga is and to what you have learned through it. Great job!


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