Innovative Learning

When people think of the classroom they think of students in desks and the teacher at the front of the classroom giving a lecture. Homework usually consists of worksheets or reading assignments. But why does this have to be the typical norm for when people think of the word “classroom?”It doesn’t. As future teachers, I believe it is our job to be as innovative as possible. Sure, it’s okay to assign a worksheet or reading assignment once in a blue moon, but the classroom would be so much more fun and exciting if we used different resources. One thing I have unlearned this semester is exactly that; how to make the classroom a more enjoyable and exciting environment for students.

One of the tools introduced during this course that I really enjoyed was TedTalks and podcasts. There are so many TedTalks to choose from and they have videos on any subject/topic you can think of. Personally, I would have loved to watch TedTalk videos in middle school and high school. I think a lot more students would pay attention and become more involved with discussions and their school work if more teachers introduced podcasts and TedTalks into their daily curriculum.

9627525993_af43154455_z Photo CC by Celestine Chua

As teachers, we should encourage out students to become more innovative themselves but it’s also important for us to become more innovative as well. Teachers always need to be looking for ways to make learning more enjoyable for students and accommodate to their learning needs and abilities. One of my favorite quotes from George Couros’ article is, “I will utilize the tools that are available to me today and I will continue to search for new and better ways to continuously grow, develop and share my thinking, while creating and connecting my learning.” If we want our students to be innovative, we must be willing to learn new skills and utilize different tools to help our students learn better.

As a teacher, I plan on using many of the tools and resources that we learned about during these short 2 months. One of my favorite resources was the blog post. With this resource, I am able to share my experiences and advice to fellow educators around the world. I can also follow so many different blog posts from educators and learn from their experiences as well. I will undoubtedly use TedTalks in my curriculum. I also think Twitter is a great way for teachers and students to interact and is a great PLN resource as well.

This course has taught me so much about who I am as a person, learner, student, and future teacher. I have expanded my knowledge on technology and resources to use in the classroom when I become a teacher. I can’t wait to become a teacher so I can use these amazing tools and resources I have learned about in this course to become a more innovative and effective teacher!



One thought on “Innovative Learning

  1. It is difficult for individual teachers to be innovators (i.e. unique) when everything and everyone is pushing for standardization. As such, I think teachers should also work to change the laws and mandates that block their attempts at innovation.


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