Top 10 Books I Want to Share with Students

I have read so many great books over the past 16 weeks so it is hard to choose just ten! After much contemplation I think I can narrow down my choices to ten. My choices consist of a few picture books that I loved and a couple young adult/juvenille fiction books that I really enjoyed reading. Here is my list:


This book was so great because I think everyone can relate to going to Grandma’s house! The Hello, Goodbye Window had a sentimental meaning behind it and I think every kid would enjoy reading this book.


I picked this book because of the title and figured it would have a lesson to go along with the story. This is probably one of my favorite books so far!  It is a great book about true friendship and what we would do for the ones we love! I loved the illustrations also!


I picked this book because of the title and because of the author. I have read some of Shel Silverstein’s books but not this one. I like this book because at the end, it teaches us that life isn’t about materialistic things but it’s about friendship and how important it is to have someone by our side throughout life when things get tough. I loved the illustrations.


I loved reading this book! It shows what lengths people will go for the people they love and care about. I also loved how this book ended with a happy ending!:)


I loved this book! It is not so much an elementary book but more for middle schoolers or older. I loved the storyline of the book and I also like how it was written from two different points of view throughout the book.


This book is awesome! It is about a girl who finds a stray dog and decides to give it a home. They become great friends and do everything together. Along the way, the girl makes friends with other people in town and learns a lot about the new town she lives in. I think this would be a great book for older elementary kids. I think it would be fun to do a friendship unit on this with the whole class and then watch the movie at the end!


This is probably my favorite young adult book that I have read thus far. It is about a girl named Maggie who is too smart for her own good. During the book, there are a few obstacles that her family has to go through and it feels as if you are going through them with her when you are reading the book. I loved this book!

a dog called homeless

I absolutely loved this book! Everytime the girl sees this certain dog, she sees her mom too even though she is not alive anymore. It goes to show that even if our loved ones aren’t on earth with us anymore, they are still in our hearts!


This is another one of Mo Willems’ books and it was great! It seems to me he really enjoys writing about sharing.  This book has a great lesson that goes along with the story and would be a cute book to read to younger children to teach them about sharing!


I loved the innocence of this book! It had great illustrations and I think it would be an easy read for any young reader. It didn’t have a lesson to it, I just thought it was a cute and fun book!


It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

For the last Monday reading post I decided to do a Christmas theme! Lately I have been getting into the holiday spirit and thought it would be a good idea to read some Christmas books.


The first book I read is called “The Beautiful Christmas Tree”by Charlotte Zolotow. This is such a cute book. I would assign it to mostly middle school students or read it to elementary students. It is a 4.0 reading level. It’s about an older guy, Mr. Crockett,  that moves into a run down house in a neighborhood that is full of wealthier people. During Christmas time, everyone has their houses decorated and their Christmas tress up but Mr. Crockett doesn’t decorate his house with anything fancy. The neighbors look down on him because he doesn’t have a fancy Christmas tree and even skip his house when they go out caroling. One day, he goes to the flower store and buys an old pine that is in horrible shape. It needs a lot of care and attention but Mr. Crockett doesn’t care. He says, “Beauty is as beauty does.” He plants it in a spot in front of his house and nurtures it for the next couple of years. His neighbors think he is crazy but they don’t know that Mr. Crockett has a secret; all living things need love. Finally one Christmas, his tree is grown and full of life. Birds love it and make it their home. For Christmas that year, they don’t skip his house while caroling, but stop and stand in front of the tree and sing!:)


The next book I read is “The Innkeeper’s Daughter” by Jill Briscoe. This book is about a little girl named Keturah who was born with crippled hands. Her father owns an Inn and is always busy with his work. Kids in the village always make fun of Keturah’s hands which makes her very sad. She spends her time in the stables with her favorite donkey. One night at the Inn it was very busy. Keturah was in the stall with Donkey when another donkey was forced to stay in the same stall. Keturah couldn’t get out so she decided to stay the night in the stable. All of a sudden, a star shone through the roof and angels came down into the stalls. They cleaned and pampered all of the animals and left as quickly as they had arrived. Soon a young couple, Mary and Joseph, came to the stay at the Inn. There were no rooms left so they were forced to stay outside in the stall. Jesus was born! Mary asked Keturah is she wanted to hold Jesus but Keturah was skeptical of her crippled hands. She ended up holding Jesus and her hands were healed. This is such a great story of Christmas miracles and tells the story of what Christmas is all about. Since religion is such a huge debate in the education world, I think it would be best to read this to students if you teach in a private christian/catholic church or even in Sunday school!