Final Project-Digital Story

Here is my final Digital Story project. The metaphor I used is “Teaching is Like Developing a Photo.” I wasn’t able to add sound because I am not tech savy! I hope you all enjoy. It was fun to create!




2 thoughts on “Final Project-Digital Story

  1. This is excellent. I love that the metaphor you used wasn’t predictable at all. Instead you wove a very distinct connection between something that I wouldn’t have initially have connected to learning. Great job. Great execution. Great work!


    1. Thank you, Stef! That really means a lot. I was super nervous about this project and wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. I am not good with technology at all so I couldn’t quite figure out how to add sound or transitions. It was super fun to make so hopefully I can mess around with it more and learn more about it! Thank again! 🙂

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