“Creating Readers” by Donalyn Miller

I really enjoyed reading Donalyn Miller’s article on “Creating Readers”. Her love of books and children is one aspect I got out of this article. I commend her for not giving up on the children in her classroom and their different reading abilities. I loved the fact that she gives her students time to read in class! When I was in elementary and middle school, we were required to take A.R but we never received any time to read in class. We took it home as homework and were required to later take a test on it to see how well we knew the book. To me, this took the fun out of reading. I would focus so much on what I needed to remember and study about the book, I never enjoyed the book itself and I was never relaxed about it. If I would have had a teacher like Donalyn Miller, I would have enjoyed reading as a child much more and would have loved to read at home and in my spare time. I strongly agree with her point on the “popcorn” style of reading! Being in middle school is tough enough, and reading in front of the class is just torture! I liked her way of reading called the “share read” method. I think this is great for any age group and instead of calling someone out, the class can experience the book together and even learn and understand new vocabulary while reading. I learned many different tips from this article by Donalyn Miller and plan on taking them with me in the next few years as I ready myself to become a teacher!


Tessa’s 5-Image Story

kThinking back to my childhood, I was never really a bookworm. I read what I had to for school or church or anything else I was involved in and that was about it. I do remember I enjoyed reading sections out of a book in front of the class at school but never read anything outside of school for fun.



imagesI remember going over to my friends house one day in middle school and she was reading a book. I was very confused because she was reading something that wasn’t school related and was just reading it for fun. I was skeptical at first but she started telling me about the book and I became very interested in it. 



UnknownAfter that, I read every book that I could get my hands on! I read comedies, romances, mysteries, biographies and so much more. I read every chance that I could and sometimes that’s all I ever did. I loved reading and often fell in love with the characters and became emotionally attached to their stories and personalities. 


booksOne reading memory that sticks out to me is my senior year of high school. I took two semester of literature classes and wasn’t quite sure what I had gotten myself into. We read a total of twenty books in those two semesters and I loved every second of it. It helped me grow as a reader because we read books from many different genres which broadened my list of authors to choose from!



College_Textbooks-480x280As college came around, I found myself too busy to sit down and read a good book. I would start a book but never finished it because homework and my social life became a little more important. Although I am still in college, I would like to make more time to read the books that I love and get back into falling in love with fictional characters.



It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

the Stray Dog  

The illustrations were very colorful and vivid in this book which I really enjoyed. This book would be great for a child who is just learning to read because it is a simple script and an easy read. I loved the story line because I am a sucker for any animal rescue story! 



I liked this book more than I thought I would. I really loved the illustrations that went a long and it was fun to look at them while reading. I was surprised with the ending because I hadn’t expected it to end like that, the carrots just wanted to be left alone!



I loved this book! I loved the illustrations and the story it told even though there were no words to follow along with. I think this book would be an easier read for older children rather than younger children because I don’t think younger children would understand as easily because there are no words. It’s a very cute book! 



I didn’t enjoy the storyline of this book but I loved the pictures and illustrations! It was very nicely done and kept me drawn in and every time I turned the page.




I enjoyed this book because it wasn’t your average children’s book. It was sort of dark in a way and wasn’t happy and colorful like any other children’s book. I liked the end because the child was reunited with his cat and it made him happy during a bad time that had just happened.




My favorite part of this book is the illustrations. I really enjoyed the author’s artwork and the way he told the story through pictures. I also liked how the author included a moral to the story: if you steal something it usually doesn’t end well!



 I usually don’t like books that don’t have words but I enjoyed this one. My favorite was the ending of this book when the mouse freed the lion but it wasn’t just to free the lion, it was to bring something back to her children at the end of the day.




I have always loved this story and even though this book was a little different from the original, it was still good. I loved following along with the illustrations and the different characters that joined the story throughout the book.



At first, I didn’t like this book but once it told what the hello, goodbye window was for, I began to understand and enjoy it more. One of my favorite lines is, “ You can be happy and said at the same time, you know. It just happens that way sometimes.” I love it because it is so true! I love the meaning of the hello, goodbye window because it’s something the kids will always remember from their grandparent’s house and everyone needs those kind of memories!




I really loved this book! I loved how even at the end with Amos McGee couldn’t get out of the bed, his animals friends still came to see him. The author did a great job with the illustrations and I loved the way he gave each animal a personality and made themselves into their own character!