Digital Activism

Most of the time the media only talks about the negative things that happen on the internet that involve teens and young adults. Cyber bullying is a huge problem in today’s society and is something that continually happens every single day. I agree that these stories should be on the news to create awareness but I also think that the media should talk about the positive things these teens are doing for these types of problems.

Digital citizenship ties in perfectly with digital activism. In order to be an engaged citizen on social media sites, you must first learn to do so respectfully. A person needs to learn when and where it is appropriate to engage in conversations and put their two cents in.

To my surprise, teens are taking activism on the internet very seriously. It’s great to read about this kind of stuff! With all of the negative in the world today, it is nice to know that teens are trying to make a difference, even on the internet. The best part about this is that most of these kids are learning about activism in the classroom. I think it is so important to teach students about being respectful online and teach them how they can be the ones to be the positive light in the world.

8208077880_b823b7647d_n.jpg Photo CC by Ken Whytock

I really enjoyed readying the blog post My Kids, A Cause and Our Classroom Blog by Bill Ferriter. Surprisingly, this blog was about raising awareness for eating healthy. I think this is a great activism idea because there are so many children who are not eating correctly and that affects their ability to learn in the classroom, in my opinion. Having a healthy lifestyle is something that should be taught at a young age so it can be engraved into children’s daily habits.

The Teen Activist nominee that I would vote for is Hope, which was founded by Jason Harris. The thing I liked about this was because not only does Jason raise awareness for bullying, self harm, and suicide, he is also always available for his followers to talk or just listen to their problems. Just by listening to his followers’ problems, he has saved 29 lives! I think this is incredible and Jason sounds like a genuine student who cares about others.

Digital activism is such an important thing to teach our students. I don’t think the age matters, I believe anyone no matter the age can make a difference.



3 thoughts on “Digital Activism

  1. Historically speaking, people are always serious about the media type that “belongs” to them. People were just as serious about newspapers, pamphlets, radio, and television. Now that we are in the Digital age, we are serious about the Internet and how it can be used to help or harm people.


  2. I think that teens being digitally active is a powerful statement, when they are willing to reach out and help another human being from drowning in this ocean of life, that is very commendable. I do not think it should be taken lightly and they should receive some recognition for it, like you said. Great thoughts!


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