Daily Creates

Here are some of my Daily Create Challenges! I missed a few this week but though it would be nice to have them all together, as well as on my Twitter account.


10 thoughts on “Daily Creates

  1. Oh my gosh, the one of the monkey and dog. I am seriously laughing so hard! Love it!! I really appreciate how creative the posts for this challenge are; reading through them on Twitter is often the highlight of my day. I really enjoyed yours! Awesome. 🙂


  2. I quite enjoyed all of the daily creates you shared in this post. The last one was especially funny to me. My brain then decided to come up with the secondary caption of, “But Staaaaan, you NEED your potassium!” And I giggled wildly for a couple seconds.


  3. I loved looking through your Daily Creates! It’s so cool to look at everyone’s posts and see how creative everyone is! My favorite was your one from the dog and ape! So funny! I also love the Young Me, Now Me photo recreation that you did of your boyfriend! That picture is classic!


  4. Tessa,
    Really enjoyed looking through your daily creates! That last daily create me laugh out loud! That is an awesome caption for the picture and it’s true, we humans do it love when animals are doing something that they normally wouldn’t be doing.


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