Podcasts and Digital Stories

I am just overwhelmed at how much we have learned in this class! It’s crazy how many things there are to learn about technology when it comes to technology in the classroom. I’ve heard of podcasts a few times before reading the article but I have never heard of digital storytelling. I learned so much from reading these two articles and watching some of the example podcasts and digital stories. I listened to a couple episodes of “Serial” and was instantly compelled by the story line. The music and voice is what really drew me in and kept me interested, along with the story line of course. I plan on listening to the rest of the story in the weeks to come!

I think podcasts would be great to use in the classroom. From the article What Teens Are Learning From ‘Serial’ and Other Products, it seems like students are really enjoying this type of classroom work. Students are used to the monotonous schedule of everyday school life and I think by including podcasts into the daily classroom curriculum, it will liven up the environment of the classroom. As a student, I find I become very bored of continuously listening to my teacher’s voice over and over again. I’m sure there are many students just like me out there who are tired of the same thing. By introducing podcasts in the classroom, students can take a break from listening to the teacher and the teacher can take a break from teaching.

88026787_a14853ff1a_m Photo CC by Daniel Filho

I found digital story telling to be very interesting as well. There are so many different uses for it and categories that digital stories can fall into. I watched one on health and another one on the meaning of life. I really enjoyed watching these because they were personable and interesting. One thing I like about the digital story categories is that the videos can be anywhere from motivational to controversial subjects. I watched one video on bullying and how it can be dealt with. I thought this was a great video especially for students to watch. Another thing I like about digital story telling is that students can create them. This would be a great project for students to do in anything classroom.


I think both of these resources would be great to use in any classroom. They would be beneficial to both students and teachers in many different ways. I wish I would have had these opportunities when I was in high school because I’m sure it would have made some of my classes much more enjoyable!



7 thoughts on “Podcasts and Digital Stories

  1. Yes, I have to admit that I end up bookmarking a lot of sites for this course to investigate more later, because there is just SO much to learn and discover! I’m totally obsessed with podcasts, but I haven’t gotten into digital stories much yet.


    1. I appreciate it because that just means more resources and information for us as future teachers! I’m sure podcasts and digital stories will come in handy when I am a teacher and I can’t wait to use them. Thanks for reading and commenting!


  2. I love finding new resources for learning. I think when we repeatedly use the same methods for learning they can get stagnant. Creativity is important. Serial and other podcasts are a great means to educate kids in a way that engages them.


    1. I agree! I think that is what our PLN’s are great for. We can get other ideas from former educators which will decrease the likeliness of using resources again and again. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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