Personal Learning Networks- What Is It?

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PLN’s are totally new to me. I had no idea what it even meant before this week. But as I began reading what they are and how to create them, I realized that it’s exactly what we are doing in this class; we are creating our own PLN’s!

So what is a PLN? A PLN stands for Personal Learning Network. The main objective of a PLN is to make connections and relationships with fellow educators and experts anywhere in the world. Making these connections can give you access to many different educator’s ideas, advice, expertise, and so much more. Just as you can soak up other people’s expertise, you can share your own as well. Sharing each other’s ideas is what PLN’s are all about.

So how do you create your own PLN? First, you should make a list of your interests as a teacher. Maybe you are interested in Special Education or Early Childhood or maybe you are more interested in teaching HighSchool and want to learn more about Health, English, sports, etc. (The best part about PLN’s is that they are all online. They come in many different forms; Twitter, WordPress, Webinars, etc. The classroom is so technological now days and it is very easy for any teacher to create an account and get starting on creating their own PLN.) So the next step is to create an account using any of the social media websites mentioned above. Find people on Twitter and WordPress that have the same interests as you and check daily for new tweets and blogs. Contact them and create relationships with them so you can feed off each other’s ideas. There’s really endless possibilities when it comes to PLN’s and you can’t really go wrong.

I am VERY happy I learned about this great resource. I know without a doubt that I am going to use it as soon as I become a teacher. Honestly, I am very nervous to graduate and be in charge of a classroom at such a young age but this resource gives me more confidence that I will be prepared when that day comes!

I found this great article/tweet about why every teacher should have a PLN. Check it out here:

Here’s a video that explains what a PLN is. It’s pretty fun to watch and makes it easy to understand!




6 thoughts on “Personal Learning Networks- What Is It?

  1. Tessa, I love the visuals in your post! Pictures and videos always help me to understand new concepts better. I shared the “10 Reasons Why Every Teacher Needs a PLN” image in my post as well! I love that we are learning about this resource. It’s pushing me out of my comfort zone a bit and that will help me to grow and be a better teacher. Being in charge of my own classroom both excites me and scares me but at least it will be an adventure!


    1. Thank you! I thought they would be a good asset to my blog and figured most people would enjoy them. I also love it and it will be a great resource as future teachers! thanks for reading my post!:)

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  2. I really enjoyed that short video about PLN’s good find! I like how you have broken it down into steps to take to start to build your PLN within your blog post! I totally agree with you that I am nervous to have my own class(although I’m not sooo young, just a little young kinda oldish haha). I think having the support from other teachers via the PLN will make all the difference. I am happy that I have these resources available to me.


    1. Thank you! I thought that video was very clear about what PLN’s are and very easy to understand! I agree, with all the resources available to us as teachers we should be prepared when it comes to managing our own classroom. Thanks for reading my post!:)


  3. Tessa, I did the same thing! I didn’t really know was a PLN was until I started looking around and realized.. that’s exactly what we are doing in this class! It is a really helpful tool for creating a network of people that can share resources and knowledge! It definitely makes me feel better knowing that I have access to so many tools and people who share their knowledge of education! Great post!


    1. I agree! PLN’s kind of serve as a security blanket. I am nervous to become a teacher but with a PLN it makes me more excited to learn about other educator’s experiences so I can be more prepared for my own classroom! Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂


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