Characteristics of a Good Learner

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I really enjoyed reading this blog post written by Bud Hunt. He really put it into perspective about what it takes to be a good learner and made it simple to understand. One thing I really enjoyed about this post is that Hunt compared learning to camera lenses. I am a pretty avid photographer so this helped me make sense of what he meant when he talked about “lenses.” Hunt focused on three different “lenses” that help us become better learners.


There are several types of learners out there. Some people are visual learners, auditory learners, etc. In my opinion, I believe everyone learns better when they have a visual representation of what they are studying. I think more students would learn better if teachers incorporated this type of learning into the everyday curriculum. When students get to interact with each other instead of sitting at a desk all day homework, they thrive.


I think teaching this term to our students is very important. Our students need to understand that when something isn’t working or going the way they would like it to go, they can hack it and make it better. So many of students, and people in general, tend to give up when a situation gets tough. By teaching our students how to make something better can help them in any situation in life, even beyond school. I think it is important to teach our students the term “hacking” because it can benefit them in many ways.


As teachers, I think the term “playing” relates to the way we should be teaching our students. The way we teach out students is crucial to how they learn. To be an effective teacher, if our students are not understanding a concept it is our duty to change our teaching method to ensure that they are understanding and learning the material. By trying new methods, we can explore the different ways our students learn and in return help them become the best students that they can be.




2 thoughts on “Characteristics of a Good Learner

  1. Absolutely loved this post! I think he did a great job of truly breaking it down for us. It is important that students understand the why to something as this can truly help them understand a concept.


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