The Goal is Always Happiness

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Happiness: it holds a different meaning for everyone. Some people may find their happiness in work, school, travel, family, etc. There are endless possibilities! But sometimes this world makes it hard to be happy. There are so many expectations to be met and so much pressure to be what the world wants a person to be. Some people follow the crowd and do what is expected of them, but there are some people who choose the path less traveled and break away from society’s norms.

Logan LaPlante is one of those people. At such a young age, he has understood that the world’s expectations aren’t something he wants to be apart of and has his own definition of happiness. I applaud this kid because he mastered a concept that takes most people a lifetime to realize. And sadly, it starts with students and classroom expectations. LaPlante brings up a valid point in his TEDTALK that “we don’t seem to make learning how to be happy and healthy a priority in our schools.” How true is this statement? Schools focus on the main subjects such as math, history, science, reading/writing. Sure they include P.E. and art and music but how creative can a student really be in those classes? Those classes still follow the curriculum and there is always a cut off point for what a student can and can’t do.

LaPlante focuses on eight major concepts that keep him happy. They are exercise, diet and nutrition, time in nature, contribution and service, relationships, recreation, relaxation and stress management, and religious and spiritual. Why are we not incorporating these topics into our everyday curriculum at school? Many people argue that it is time and resources but I honestly think it is because some people just don’t have an interest in teaching their students these values.

“Education is important but why is being happy and healthy not considered education?”

I believe that teaching students this type of curriculum is crucial. I do believe that students learning the main subjects is important as well but the 8 things that LaPlante talks about will help get them through life. It will help them survive and be the best version of themselves that they can be. Students may not have the privilege to experience these 8 concepts at home, but by incorporating these into the daily curriculum they will be introduced to so many new things and develop new interests.

I really enjoyed watching this TEDTALK because it opened my eyes to new things. It made me realize how important it is to teach my students how to be happy and healthy and to not just focus on the main stream curriculum in today’s schools. I believe that if everyone lived like Logan LaPlante the world would be a much happier place!





10 thoughts on “The Goal is Always Happiness

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Content is truly the least important thing we can teach in our classrooms. If we teach for curiosity, wonder, critical thinking, creativity, the content will take care of itself and always be available for students to learn at any age and in any context. I know that the students I taught in high school don’t remember much of what I taught in terms of content, ten years later, but they do remember how they felt about themselves and what they believed about themselves as learners and people in that room.


    1. That is true. I remember some of the content from highschool but mostly remember how my teachers encouraged me and encouraged creativity and critical thinking! Thanks for reading my post! 🙂


  2. WOW! I really loved reading this post! I totally agree that health and happiness need to be a big part in our children’s lives. How do we expect them to do well in school if they are not healthy? How do we expect students to smile and come with great attitudes if they are not happy? These two concepts have as much power as math and language arts do and they need to be treated with just as much respect. Great job on this!


  3. Tessa,
    I liked your post. I agree that teaching students how to be happy and healthy is crucial. As well as learning how to handle stress, communicate with others, use critical thinking. I feel that we as teachers can educate our students and encourage them to be critical thinkers and use creativity while still teaching the required content. We just have to do some digging and use our own creative minds (and possibly those of others like peers) in order to make this successful. Students may not remember the exact content that we taught, but they will have those skills of how to make critical smart decisions and avoid negative behaviors, habits and people. They will be more confident in themselves and what they can do if we can help to guide them down the road of being creative and exploring new opportunities.


    1. I completely agree with you! We need to make learning fun and I liked your point on that we can “educate our students and encourage them to be critical thinkers and use creativity while still teaching the required content.” We need to lean on our coworkers and peers for ideas as well! Thanks for reading my post!:)


  4. This TED Talk really opened my eyes as well! I loved Logan and the message that he was spreading. Although core subjects are important and always will be, I feel that adding creativity and curiosity back into our classrooms is crucial as well. After all, happiness should be a main goal all the time; why not help our students learn how to get there? 🙂 Great post!


    1. I am a big believer of happiness and I think it is very crucial to teach our students how to be happy! I think it is the core to everything we do in life. Thanks for reading my post! 🙂


  5. I really liked your opening paragraph about happiness. Sometimes, regardless of how much we may want to be happy, life gets hard and bad things happen! Like you, I found this TED talk to be extremely inspirational and really got me thinking about the importance of health and happiness as part of a school curriculum! Great post!


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