Mock Newberry and Caldecott


I loved reading about Mr. Shu’s Mock Caldecott! I thought his steps for Stage 1 were great and I really loved the rubric they made. I also liked the fact that he designed this with his students instead of him just doing all of the work. In Stage 2, Mr. Shu has the students design and name their own mock award. I thought this was such a clever idea because it’s something fun for the kids to do and it gets them involved! In Stage 3, they announce the winner of the Mock award design and name. I loved this idea of doing a Mock Caldecott award in the classroom. The students learn more about the actual Caldecott award but making the project so student centered helps the students learn how it really is to select a winner for that book award. I thought the book nominees and interviews were great! All of the books look like they would be awesome to read.

In Mr. Shu’s Mock Caldecott blog posts, I learned that getting a child to read is hard but doable if you can make it fun and interesting. I think doing a mock award would be great for the students. It would help them learn about what goes into choosing an award and learn to appreciate the books that they read a little more by learning about them and their authors. Some challenges might be that some students wouldn’t want to participate in the activity because they don’t like reading.

 The 3 books I would choose:

  • Ivan by Katherine Applegate
  • Nana in the City by Lauren Castillo
  • My Teacher Is a Monster! No, I Am Not! By Peter Brown

One thought on “Mock Newberry and Caldecott

  1. Great post! One thing that I just thought of when I was reading your post is having the students design their own award seal can help with different learning styles. Some kids don’t learn well with projects like this and they are very art oriented so having them design an award seal gets every excited about the project in a different way. I really like the point that you brought up, that by doing something like this it would help students appreciate the books they read more. Also, great choices of books. I just got My Teacher is a Monster and read it and I thought it was a great book.


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