The Skyping Renaissance

Before reading “The Skyping Renaissance” I never really put much thought into using Skype in the classroom. I always though it was used for family video calls and sometimes even conference calls. I loved reading this article and it opened my eyes to new possibilities as a teacher! I loved the idea of using Skype for meeting different authors. Even though the author may be 1,000 miles away, the students still have the opportunity to meet and talk with an author via Skype. I really like the other uses of Skype this article mentioned. A classroom could be doing a unit on wildlife animals and at the touch of a button, they could instantly be talking to rangers or wildlife specialists without the trouble of them actually coming to their classroom to talk. I also thought it was really neat that the skyping is helping students step out of their comfort zone. I loved this article overall and plan on using Skype in my future classroom!


8 thoughts on “The Skyping Renaissance

  1. After reading this article I too saw all the possibilities that could be opened up using Skype and I was floored. I think if used the correct way Skype would be a great thing to use in the classroom for many different things its like a little adventure without physically going on one, and could include kids in the lesson more.


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