It’s Monday! What are You Reading?

This week I decided to choose a couple of children’s books that caught my attention. I have been reading young adult books for the past couple of weeks and thought it would be a good change to switch it up.


“Animals Asleep” by Sneed B. Collard is such a cute book! When I picked out this book I didn’t expect it to be an educational book. This book tells about different animals and how they sleep. I even learned some things while reading this book! This would be such a neat book to read to an elementary class while doing some sort of animal unit with the class. I think little kids would really enjoy this book. The illustrations were great as well!


“I Wonder Why Whales Sing” by Caroline Harris is another great educational book to read during an animal unit. It not only has questions about whales but has countless questions about sea life. There are so many different facts in this book that little kids would love and absorb right up!


“Sammy in the Sky” by Barbara Walsh was a great book! It was about a boy and his dog named Sam. He did everything with Sam and Sam could tell when he was sad. Sammy started getting older and his health started to get worse. The boy’s dad told him that Sammy wouldn’t have much time left with them so they had to make the best of it. They went to Sammy’s favorite beach and let him run around. Sammy eventually passed away but the family knew that their favorite dog’s spirit would be with them all the time. This book touches my heart because I had a dog I grew up with that just passed away a few years ago and loved her very much! This was such a great book and the illustrations were awesome. I would suggest this book to elementary children.


7 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are You Reading?

  1. I put in my reading goals that I wanted to read some science books and your first two sound like they would be a great choice for a science unit. Sammy In The Sky was a book I really enjoyed, I think its a great story to tell a friendship of a different kind.


  2. Great choice of books this week! I love the two educational ones they both look super cute and I have put them on my must read list. I read Sammy in the Sky towards the beginning of the semester and I loved that book. I thought that it was so good even though it was sad. It would be a good book for students to relate to when they loose a pet.


  3. I haven’t read any of these books, but they all sound like they would be good reads! Your two educational ones look like they would be really good! I’m going to have to put these on my reading list!


  4. Sammy in the Sky sounds adorable and I’m sure it would touch my heart as well. I am such a big dog lover! Being at college is the first I haven’t had a dog around since I was about two years old. Nice post! Sometimes it can be good to switch things up!


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