It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?


This week I read the book How To Save A Life by Sara Zarr. I absolutely loved this book! The book is written from two different standpoints, Jill and Mandy. Jill is the eighteen year old daughter or Robin MacSweeney. Jill’s dad passed away ten months ago in a car accident and both Robin and Jill are having a hard time coping with their loss. Jill seems to have it a little worse because her and her father were so much a like and so close. One day Robin MacSweeney tells Jill she is going to adopt a baby. Jill is shocked and has so many thoughts running through her head. Was I not a good enough daughter for my mother? Does my mom want a redo and a second chance to raise a child? Jill doesn’t agree with her mother’s choices but really has no say in it. This is where Mandy comes into play. Mandy is a pregnant eighteen year old girl from Omaha, NE. She doesn’t know who her real father is and the closest thing she has to a father figure is the numerous boyfriends her mother has had in the past eighteen years. Her mother’s current boyfriend, Kent, seems to be the worst of them all and is a huge jerk. I won’t tell too much about Kent because you will learn more about him when you read the book!:) Mandy and Robin meet online and through email they talk about the adoption and Robin invites Mandy to live with them until the baby is born. Mandy doesn’t inform her mom or Kent where she is going and gets on a train to leave for Denver. There are many twists and turns that go on while Mandy is living with the MacSweeney’s. Different atmosphere, different food, different lifestyle but the biggest one is the doctor’s appointments. Mandy had never seen a doctor when she was living in Nebraska and it turns out that the baby, which is supposed to be a boy, is actually a little girl and is due in another 7 weeks, instead of 3 weeks like Mandy told Robin over email. This extra time waiting for the baby allows many things to happen with Mandy and the MacSweeney’s but I won’t spoil it!

Mandy wanted to give her baby up to a mother that will give her everything she deserves and because she wanted a better life for her baby than what she had but in the end, it is Mandy who is the one that needs a mother and a family to know she is loved and accepted. I am in love with this book and the emotion it brings when reading it! I know I say this about every book I read, but I DID NOT want to put this book down and wanted it to go on and on forever. I hope you all decide to read this book as well because you will not be disappointed:)


12 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

  1. This book has already got me hooked by your summary! It sounds like such a good book. I like how you didn’t tell every little detail but instead read the book to find out. That was practically what made me want to read this book now. I think some girls may be able to relate to the book with the adoption of a younger sibling or even being young and having a baby. It sounds like a great book about being a parent, having friends and discovering more. Great post!


  2. This sounds like an excellent book!I love your description and how passionate you sound about the book. I enjoy when books are told through more than one perspective. It can really make a book come to life. Does this book switch back and forth between the two characters or is half written by one and the other half written by the other?


    1. Thank you! It switches every chapter from Jill and Mandy. I personally like how the author does this because you get both of their views on the situations and don’t get bored reading about just one!


  3. Good job with the reading post this week. This books sounds like a good book. I think you gave a very good summary of the book. It is also nice to see that you were able to knock out a chapter book.


  4. I definitely think this will be a book that I will read in the future. While reading your summary I actually got on my GoodReads account and added to my books I want to read. This just sounds so good! Great post!


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