My Reading Challenge

When I was thinking about my reading challenge, I was mainly focused on the types of books I was going to read. I realized it isn’t all about the types of books but also the amount of time I am going to read. I want to set a goal of about 4-5 hours of reading a week and I also want to make a goal of getting all of my reading done before Friday if possible. I would also like to make a goal to read before bed because sometimes I watch tv before bed when I could be reading and relaxing. For this week’s reading, I picked a few Mo Willems books and other random children’s books. I picked these because Mo Willems is one of my favorite authors and I love reading his books! For the rest of the semester, I want to switch every week from children’s books to young adult and middle school books. I really enjoyed the book I read last week and would love to read more books like it.


3 thoughts on “My Reading Challenge

  1. I think you set some good goals for yourself. I liked that you decided to try to read 4-5 hours a week as one of your goals. Also, I have always struggled with reading before bed, but I would like to know how it works for you!

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  2. Time goals can be very effective when you’re trying to incorporate reading into an already busy schedule of school, work, life. I read before bed every night–sometimes only 5 minutes, other times closer to 30. I definitely finish a lot more books each year because I carve out those minutes. I try to read one picture book a day and always have at least two middle grade or YA books going (usually more because I read every day to my kids). I know I’ve got to do a lot of reading so that I am prepared to make recommendations to my students!

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  3. Getting all of your reading done before Friday sounds like a really good idea to me. I bet if you sat down and read a little bit before bed every night it would be very relaxing and help you get all of your reading done in a decent amount of time. Before bed is a good time because you may not have many distractions.

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