It’s Monday! What are you Reading?

This week I read Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool. I found it in the Young Adult section of my library so I was kind of hesitant to read it because I didn’t know what the length of it would be like. I read the summary and knew I had to read it. Unknown

A twelve year old girl, Abilene, lives with her father Gideon. They travel from town to town doing odd jobs to make as much money as possible. Gideon gets a railroad job and realizes that this life isn’t the life that his daughter should be living. He sends her to live with a pastor in the town that he grew up in, Manifest, Kansas. Abilene arrives and quickly finds out that Shady, the pastor, isn’t anything like she expected. He isn’t as clean as a pastor should be and his face was unshaved. His house was part saloon, part carpenter’s shop and part church. Abilene goes to bed that night to put away her belongings and discovers a cigar box filled with letters and other items. The next day she read some of the letters and promised herself she was going to find out who the letters were from and who the people were. She meets a couple girls from school and quickly becomes summertime friends with them. They spy on people from the town and wander about the land discovering new things. One night, Abilene realizes she lost her compass that her dad had given her and had a good idea where it was at. Abilene made her way to a gated house that Abilene renamed as Path to Perdition, and sees her compass hanging on the porch. She attempts to get it back but breaks a very expensive pot in the process. To pay for the pot, Miss Sadie who is the owner of the house, makes Abilene work for her the rest of the summer. Miss Sadie is known as a “diviner” or someone who can tell the future. Abilene asks Miss Sadie about the letters and in return Miss Sadie tells her the stories about the people of Manifest. A series of events start to unfold and Abilene learns more about Manifest and her dad than what she had bargained for. This book had so much adventure and mystery in it and I could hardly put it down. This story has such a good lesson about learning who you are and where to call home. I loved this book and would want anyone to read it!:)


7 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you Reading?

  1. I like the idea of a mystery and adventure book that teaches you a lesson on where to call home. I will possibly look to read this in the future. Sometimes books may scare us but they turn out being good

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  2. I have never read this book but it sounds very interesting. Your description makes me want to read it and find out the things that Abilene was told from Miss Sadie. It sounds very mysterious and it sounds like a fantastic book.

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