Finding Time to Read


As of now, I only have class two days out of the week plus this online class so I find it easy to find time to read. Once I start my part time job, I think it is going to be a little harder to find the time to sit down and read. Another reason I find it easy to make time to read is because it’s only the beginning of the semester and the heavy workload of all the classes hasn’t begun yet! But once it does, I plan to still take time either before I go to bed or on my lunch break to take the time and read. 

When reading children’s books I tend to read in longer time periods because once I start reading I just don’t want to stop! Since they are short books, I usually read many of them at one time. Although I am finding time to read now, I think there is still room for improvement. I am a procrastinator and sometimes leave my readings for the very last minute!:/ I always find something to do whether it’s watching T.V, going on walks or hanging out with friends. To help this, I want to organize myself and make time for reading at least 30 minutes to an hour per day.


6 thoughts on “Finding Time to Read

  1. I am also a procrastinator when it comes to doing homework and things I don’t really want to do! When it comes to reading though, I don’t really have any trouble sitting down and reading with a good book!


  2. Procrastination is something that I think we are all probably victims of. We all have room for improvement to become better readers. Hopefully over time all of us find more time in our days to read and be able to enjoy it too. We can all make reading enjoyable with the right book


  3. For sure, I can relate about procrastination! I always post about a nonfiction picture book on my blog on Wednesdays, and I was reading one last night about midnight so that I would have something to write about today! Certainly the reading requirement is lightened when we’re reading books we enjoy.

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