It’s Monday! What are you reading?

When I read our reading assignment for this week, I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to read for four hours! I thought I would have a tough time picking out books but decided to stick with young children’s books for this week. Here are some of the books I read!



I chose to read this book because I loved the movies and had to see if it followed along. A grandfather tells his grandchildren about a town across the ocean called Chewandswallow where food falls from the sky during every breakfast, lunch and dinner. One day, the weather goes crazy and sends down an overload of food and drinks. The townspeople decide to leave Chewandswallow and travel to another town where they buy food at the market which was a big change in everyday life for them. I loved this book and it’s illustrations! It would most likely be best for intermediate readers. 



I wanted to read this book this week because I read another one of Wiesner’s books last week and wanted to see what this one was like. A boy found an underwater camera at the beach with a roll of film inside. He gets the film developed and discovers the film is full of pictures from previous owners that have take pictures with the pictures from the camera. I loved this book because of the illustrations! They were so creative and detailed and I really enjoyed looking at every single one of them!




I picked this book because of the title and because of the author. I have read some of Shel Silverstein’s books but not this one. It is about a tree and a boy; when the boy is young, he loves to play with the tree and swing on it’s branches. The boy grows older and wants more materialistic thing so the tree provides for him until there’s nothing left of the tree. At the end, the tree cannot offer anymore of itself but the boy doesn’t care and just wants someone to lean on. I absolutely loved the lesson this book taught and would read it and recommend it to anyone!




I loved this book! Although I didn’t really have a specific reason for choosing it, I am glad I did. Little rabbit is so excited he is going to be a new big brother. Once the babies are born, Little Rabbit wants to do everything with them but they are too young but once he shows them how to play, it was like nothing he had expected. He realizes that they are no fun to play with but the babies will not leave him alone because they love their big brother too much! He starts to understand that they are young and goes back to loving being a big brother. This was a great read and I think anyone would enjoy it!



I chose to read this book because it was on the list from last week but I couldn’t find it in my library. Kitten mistakes the moon for a bowl of milk and tries her hardest to find that bowl of milk. She runs and runs until she comes across a little pond which she also mistakes for a bowl of milk. Kitten jumps in and realizes it is only water! Soaking wet, kitten makes her way back to the porch and finds a nice big bowl of milk waiting for her. I loved the innocence of this book! It had great illustrations and I think it would be an easy read for any young reader. 




I wanted to read this book because I read it as a child and loved it! This book has such great illustrations and very realistic pictures. I love how the author makes it so the readers can interact with the illustrations while reading the book. This book would be fun to do a unit on because it is easy to understand and teaches the kids the different stages the caterpillar goes through to become a beautiful butterfly! 




I picked this book because of the title and figured it would have a lesson to go along with the story. This is probably one of my favorite books so far! Elephant buys some ice cream and can’t decide if he wants to share it with his friend, Piggy. I got the impression that the elephant had a devil and angel on either side of him telling him what to do. In the end, he made the right choice but it was too late and his ice cream melted! Soon enough, Piggy comes along and shares his ice cream with Elephant. It is a great book about true friendship and what we would do for the ones we love! I loved the illustrations also!




This is another one of Mo Willems’ books and it was great! It seems to me he really enjoys writing about sharing. The Duckling receives a cookie and the pigeon is not too happy about it because he has asked for a cookie but has never gotten one. While the pigeon continues to complain about not getting what he asks for, the duckling gives him his cookie. The pigeon is taken by surprise! Again, this book has a great lesson that goes along with the story and would be a cute book to read to younger children to teach them about sharing!









10 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading?

  1. Shel Silverstein is a great author. The Giving Tree is one of my favorites as well. I really enjoy Mo Wilhem too. I love how basic his illustrations are. They fit in very nicely with his stories.


  2. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs is always a goof book to read, and the illustrations help make it more interesting. Flotsam illustrations are awesome, I have yet to see one of his books that is not beautifully illustrated. The giving tree is another excellent choice, and worth reading again and again. Little Rabbits New Baby sound so much like what happens in life. Kitten’s First Full Moon, The Duckling gets a Cookie and the Very Hungry Caterpillar are great books to be read again and again. I have not heard of Elephant and Piggy should I share my Ice Cream but it sounds very good book I am going to try and find it. Very good choices.


  3. Cloudy with a chance of meatball has always been a great book to read and I think the story line of the book adds interest to it because its something different. Floatsam sounds like a very good book, I will have to go check it out. I have always thought Shel Silverstein’s books or even poems were good to read. The giving tree sounds like a good book to use in a classroom setting to teach students the importance of not just relying on something because it provides for you, rather always being grateful. Things or people sooner or later run out of things to provide and just knowing that a friendship isn’t built on what is given rather just the company proves loyalty. Little Rabbit’s New Baby sounds like a good book and I think I will go find it and read it. The Very Hungry Caterpillar has always been a favorite of mine and I don’t think that will ever change. I really enjoyed reading your choices this week.


  4. I have only read a couple books by Mo Willems so far, but they were both great. Have you read any other books by Willems besides the two you chose this week? I will have to check out the two you read this week by him because they both sound like such fun stories. I also really like both Eric Carle and Shel Silverstein. It sounds like you chose awesome books to read this week! Did you stick with all picture books this week or read any books for upper elementary as well?


  5. Oh The Giving Tree. I remember being read poems from The Sidewalk Ends in kindergarten. I begged my parents for that book, and they finally gave in and got it for me, even though it was obviously above my level when I was 5. Then I read The Giving Tree. I loved it, but it made me sad that the poor tree gives and gives and finally is almost gone. I cry. I honestly love the message and story, but it makes me too sad to read. Yes I am super sentimental! I love Eric Carle so of course The Hungry Caterpillar is a favorite! 🙂

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  6. I am completely obsessed with Mo Willems! We love Elephant & Piggie at my house. My favorite is probably I’m a Frog or We’re In a Book. But I think they’re all terrific. I really liked Eric Carle’s The Mixed-Up Chameleon (some very funny illustrations) and he also got fourteen of his illustrator friends to contribute to a book called What’s Your Favorite Animal? Each illustrator shares a picture of their favorite animal and explains why they love it–would be a terrific book to share in elementary.

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  7. I love your choice of books for the week. I used to read The Giving Tree all the time when I was little and absolutely loved it, but I have not read it in a very long time. I also have read Kitten’s First Full Moon and I really enjoyed this book as well. Based on your summarizations of the other books a lot of them sound very interesting and I am going to try to fit them into my next set of books to read.


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