“Creating Readers” by Donalyn Miller

I really enjoyed reading Donalyn Miller’s article on “Creating Readers”. Her love of books and children is one aspect I got out of this article. I commend her for not giving up on the children in her classroom and their different reading abilities. I loved the fact that she gives her students time to read in class! When I was in elementary and middle school, we were required to take A.R but we never received any time to read in class. We took it home as homework and were required to later take a test on it to see how well we knew the book. To me, this took the fun out of reading. I would focus so much on what I needed to remember and study about the book, I never enjoyed the book itself and I was never relaxed about it. If I would have had a teacher like Donalyn Miller, I would have enjoyed reading as a child much more and would have loved to read at home and in my spare time. I strongly agree with her point on the “popcorn” style of reading! Being in middle school is tough enough, and reading in front of the class is just torture! I liked her way of reading called the “share read” method. I think this is great for any age group and instead of calling someone out, the class can experience the book together and even learn and understand new vocabulary while reading. I learned many different tips from this article by Donalyn Miller and plan on taking them with me in the next few years as I ready myself to become a teacher!


4 thoughts on ““Creating Readers” by Donalyn Miller

  1. I did have a teacher who had a love of reading for both my 5th and 6th grade reading class when I was in grade school and gave that love to all of us. I had for gotten about her influence in my life and my love of reading until you said something about wanting a teacher who just wants a child to read and to love doing it. My teacher was Joanna Greenberg she wrote several books the most famous one was I never Promised you a Rose Garden, which was later made into a movie. She died sometime in the mid 1990’s.

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  2. I think it is so important to give students time to read in class. I always had time to read in class and it made me want to read at home too. There was no AR when I was in school, which I am actually thankful for. I read at home plenty and enjoyed it too! I think I read at home in part because we had class time to read. My teachers obviously thought reading was important enough to schedule time for in class, so it was important at home too.


  3. As a teacher in a school that requires AR, I always give my little ones time to read, and I couldn’t agree with her more! You have to give time for the independent reading especially when have your curriculum is reading/grammar and so on. They need time to enjoy what they are reading, and lets be honest, all the stories from the reading curriculum and workbooks wasn’t always our favorite so why should they be any different? I am so impressed with Donalyn. She does sound like an amazing teacher.


  4. It’s so important for students to have time to read in school! I also really like your observation about how Donalyn Miller works with her students who aren’t yet readers. She has a lot of good techniques for hooking them with books. If nothing else, her students know she is not going to give up until she finds that right book for each of her students.


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