Tessa’s 5-Image Story

kThinking back to my childhood, I was never really a bookworm. I read what I had to for school or church or anything else I was involved in and that was about it. I do remember I enjoyed reading sections out of a book in front of the class at school but never read anything outside of school for fun.



imagesI remember going over to my friends house one day in middle school and she was reading a book. I was very confused because she was reading something that wasn’t school related and was just reading it for fun. I was skeptical at first but she started telling me about the book and I became very interested in it. 



UnknownAfter that, I read every book that I could get my hands on! I read comedies, romances, mysteries, biographies and so much more. I read every chance that I could and sometimes that’s all I ever did. I loved reading and often fell in love with the characters and became emotionally attached to their stories and personalities. 


booksOne reading memory that sticks out to me is my senior year of high school. I took two semester of literature classes and wasn’t quite sure what I had gotten myself into. We read a total of twenty books in those two semesters and I loved every second of it. It helped me grow as a reader because we read books from many different genres which broadened my list of authors to choose from!



College_Textbooks-480x280As college came around, I found myself too busy to sit down and read a good book. I would start a book but never finished it because homework and my social life became a little more important. Although I am still in college, I would like to make more time to read the books that I love and get back into falling in love with fictional characters.




6 thoughts on “Tessa’s 5-Image Story

  1. Tessa,
    such a great post about your reading experiences thus far! I too fell in love with reading fast, and once I did I couldn’t and still can’t put a books down. Reading different genres can be so difficult at times at least from me because I get bored easily if I’m not interested in the book, but challenging yourself to read something that is out of your comfort zone can help you grow as a reader, and it seems that you have been doing that. I commend you for that, and even though you are busy with school, reward yourself with a good book of your choice! It helps when you feel so much pressure with school! 🙂
    Great post Tessa! Hope you are enjoying these books as much as I am!


  2. As I was reading your story I realized that my story went backwards from yours! I used to love reading and that slowly started changing as the years went by. There are times when I think I should go back to reading but I can’t find time to do that and when I do have time, I’m not going to lie, I choose not to read. Hopefully this class will help me change that.


  3. Very cool that you want to get back into reading. I bet you are very thankful to your friend for getting you involved in something that you love so much! I agree with college taking a lot of your time. A persons social life can make them forget about things that they love and enjoy doing. Now with this class you get to read for the class which may help you get back into reading!


  4. I am very much like you. Growing up, I thought it was weird to see kids sitting around reading for fun. I could never find a book to really get into. One day in band, my teacher was reading this book and it looked like something I couldn’t really picture her reading. She started telling me about it and I thought “Hey I could read that” so she let me borrow it. When I first started reading it, I thought what am I doing reading this? I couldn’t get into it, but I told myself to give it a chance and really try to enjoy it. I loved it. I haven’t had a lot of books that stick out to me like that but when I find them it’s hard for me to put them down.


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